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2007 ER
2007 Zinfandel
2007 Syrah
2005 Mourvedre Rose
2006 Syrah Rose
2010 Albarino
2007 ODP Zin

Orilla del Paso Zinfandel - 375ml - Sold Out

Orilla del Paso Zinfandel 1.5 L - Sold Out

2003 Syrah - Library - Wine Club Only - Sold Out
2008 Mid-State Fair Wine Competition SILVER MEDAL

2000 Cabernet Sauvignon - Library - Wine Club Only - Sold Out
LIBRARY - Available for Wine Club only - The 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, bold blend of Cab grapes from mainly the East side region - but also a small contribution from the Westside region of Paso Robles. This beautiful wine will compliment any great steak or delicious chocolate dessert. The initial aroma of fruit comes from the balanced grapes sourced from both the east and west Paso Robles terroir. The taste of chocolate and leather develop in the length of the taste with a lingering of pepper and clove at a smooth finish. The complex tannins are still young and refreshingly pair with rich red-sauce pasta or fire-grilled red meat. Extended oak-barrel aging has charged the structure of this premium wine to continue it’s development of softened tannins and bolder fruit for many years . Enjoy!

2006 Viognier - Library - Wine Club only - Sold Out
2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition GOLD MEDAL 2008 Mid-State Fair Wine Competition BRONZE MEDAL
2005 Syrah - Library - Wine Club Only - Sold Out
2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition SILVER MEDAL
2006 Tempranillo - Library - Wine Club Only - Sold Out
...grows along the west arroyo of our estate vineyard, developing bold, intense scents and flavors requiring vineyard poppers, reflective shiners, scare balloons and netting to keep away the birds. Made in the classic style of the Rioja region of Spain, the elegant flavors hint of Cherry, spice and vanilla. Enjoy with tapas, anything off the grill, or chocolate with 62% cocoa...
$ Club Price

2005 Little Star Blend - Sold Out
2008 Lodi International Wine Festival. GOLD MEDAL 2008 Mid-State Fair Wine Competition SILVER MEDAL This wine will have a long life - it's getting better monthly. The "Little Star" was rated 9-9.5 at the 2008 San Francisco Rhone Rangers tasting. The deep flavor of this Rhone blend of mainly Syrah and Petite Sirah are brightened by our Tempranillo with a little fruit from a dash of Merlot. The structure is centered around the Petite Sirah with clusters of early fruit from the Tempranillo and Merlot and a full-bodied blueberry finish from the Estate Syrah. Enjoy for a long time.

2007 Otra Syrah Viognier Blend - Sold Out
Our encore Syrah blend! Rather than wait another year to enjoy the delicious fruit and bold tannins of the 2007 Syrah, we’ve blended Viognier to red fruit from the “roasted slope” of our estate vineyard to make this wine in the style of the greatest estates of Europe. Enjoy the great aromas and flavors of these two star quality wines of Paso Robles blended together again.

2007 Chardonnay - Sold Out
… from a grand ravine in Monterey County, we bring in balanced Dijon clone Chardonnay and barrel ferment to bring out tart, rich fresh fruit flavors with hints of green apple and citrus.

2006 Chardonnay -Sold Out
We start with 100% vine ripe Chardonnay and barrel ferment in three lots to give the luscious combination of crisp green apple and pineapple flavors with a smooth light buttery finish.

2005 Zinfandel - Sold Out
2005 Zin comes from the beautiful rolling hills just a few miles west of the town of Paso Robles, California. This fine handcrafted wine, made in the regional traditional, brings together deep rich fruit flavors and a spicy but smooth finish. Enjoy with barbeque and good friends.

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon 375ml Split - Sold Out

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon - Sold Out
2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition BRONZE MEDAL From the beautiful, inland rolling hills of California's Central Coast, where warm days and nights cooled by Pacific breezes allow the fruit long balanced hang time. This fine, handcrafted wine, made in the Bordeaux tradition, brings together deep rich fruit flavors with supple tannins and a spicy but smooth finish. Also available in 375 ml bottles.


2007 Chardonnay- Sold out
Barrel fermented to bring out tropical scents with vanilla, apple and citrus flavors.

2006 ZIN1
2006 Zinfandel Sold out
A Paso Robles favorite with distinct vineyard flavors.

2008 Viognier Sold out
The amber fruit was harvested in late August.
It marries the fruit flavors of peaches, apricots and grapefruit into a refreshing, enjoyable wine.
Enjoy with spicy food or on a hot summer day.

2006 mourvedre-1
2006 Mourvédre -Sold out
Our estate vineyard grows this Rhone grape varietal

Emma & Riley's Emergency Relief - 750 "Howler" -Sold out
A Dog-Gone Good Red Wine (36% Zinfandel, 29% Syrah, 21% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon)